Gentu cloud security – why we work with AWS

You take care of your patients, AWS and Gentu takes care of your data security.

Data security is a polarising topic in the healthcare industry. With an ever-increasing volume of cyberattacks resulting in major data breaches, patient privacy violations and tens of millions of dollars in fines, your practice software security is no-doubt at the front of your mind. 

AWS supports global companies like Pfizer, Netflix and GE, local companies like CBA, NAB and HealthLink with military-level security for the highly-sensitive data contained within their products, services and applications.

Here’s how we work with AWS to keep Gentu practice and patient data safe and sound in the cloud.

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Your data stays on Australian soil

We’re confident AWS is the most secure global cloud infrastructure available today. 

All Gentu data remains owned and controlled by Genie Solutions, including where it’s stored, how it’s stored and who has access to it, which means all practice and patient data is held onshore, in Sydney, Australia.

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A backup plan for the backup plan…for the backup plan

AWS operates 25 major data centres clusters in 13 countries across the world (US, UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Brazil, Chile) with plans to expand into new areas. 

Gentu data is stored across 3 separately-powered data centres in the Sydney “region” to provide additional resiliency to the IT environment if any single data centre goes down.

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Built with the highest-standard Privacy and Data Security

AWS is vigilant about customer privacy and implements sophisticated technical and physical measures to prevent unauthorised access. 

With a world-class team of security experts monitoring systems 24/7 to protect data, you can sleep soundly knowing your data is protected by the best.

So how do you benefit from our partnership with AWS?

  • AWS takes security off your hands so you can invest less time, money and worry in your Physical IT environments 
  • Gentu data is not only able to remain onshore with AWS, our entire Development team is onshore for an additional layer of security. 
  • Local AWS and Gentu Support teams are here to help. 
  • AWS has been named among the Top 7 Vendors in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services every year since 2010.

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