How Your Data Is Protected In The Cloud

Data Protection

For those of you who have spent years dutifully backing up your data and keeping it safe, it makes sense that moving to cloud and giving over that control would be daunting.

In reality, reducing the risk of human error and storing your patient data in a secure place that’s protected on four separate fronts actually frees up your time to focus on other aspects of running your practice.

How Gentu protects your data

Gentu operates on an Australian-based cloud provider, whose infrastructure is designed to adhere to security best practices. Combining their infrastructure with Genie Solutions’ own security practices, your data is protected on four fronts: physical security, network security, server security, and encryption.

Physical security is achieved by housing the Gentu servers in unpublished, nondescript facilities, which use multi-factor authentication, video surveillance, and strict supervision to monitor all staff and visitor activity. The hardware is also protected against environmental damage via fire detection/suppression systems, uninterruptible backup power, and climate control.

Network security refers to the security of the network connections to the Gentu system, and the measures in place to protect the data from attack. This protection is twofold, using firewalls and isolating technologies to shield Gentu from attack both internally (within the cloud) and externally (from the Internet).

Server security is maintained by running Gentu’s servers on a security-hardened operating system, which has been customised in-house by the Genie Solutions operations team. These servers are also distributed across multiple Australian datacentres.

The Gentu systems – and therefore the confidential patient and practice information stored – are encrypted at rest and in transit, as per industry best practice. This means that the data is protected when it is stored, as it travels between the individual components of Gentu, and all the way to the end user’s browser.

Our data storage and backup processes also minimise the risk of any loss of your Gentu data. To begin with, all data for Gentu is stored within Australia – we do not send any live or backed-up data offshore.

One of our strongest defences against data loss is redundancy; all Gentu data is written to multiple datacentres in parallel to ensure this. In addition to these redundancy measures, our backups are comprehensive and frequent.

Each night, a full snapshot of the Gentu data is taken – a complete and fully-encrypted backup of every single Gentu user’s data. On top of this, incremental backups are logged throughout the day, meaning that the Gentu database can be restored to within 5 seconds of a problem occurring.

We know exactly how critical your sensitive data is. With over 20 years of experience in practice management software, the security of your data is as important to us as it is to you.

If you would like further information about the measures we take to secure data, contact us on 1300 889 362 or email us. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.  


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