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Our Certified Adviser Program

Our Commitment to You 

Genie Solutions will:

  • promote the Certified Adviser as a Genie Solutions trusted partner, through the Genie Solutions Adviser Program (the Program).
  • list the Certified Adviser’s logo and URL on the Genie Solutions website.
  • grant the Certified Adviser with permission to advertise that they are a Certified Adviser of Genie Solutions on the Certified Adviser’s website, using Genie Solutions Certified Adviser logo below (the Logo).
  • provide the Certified Adviser with access to a Certified Adviser exclusive phone line, therefore avoiding the wait in the normal customer queue.
  • provide email communications to the Certified Adviser regarding the latest releases and information ahead of Genie Solutions customers.
  • grant the Certified Adviser with access to a closed Program group on the Genie Solutions Community.
  • grant the Certified Adviser with access to demo environments for Genie and Gentu.
Certified Adviser

Your Commitment to Us 

The Certified Adviser’s participation in the Program is conditional on the following terms. The Certified Adviser:

  • must complete an annual training session to ensure the Certified Adviser is up to date on the latest developments of Genie Solutions software.
  • will meet Genie Solutions testing requirements.
  • must provide Genie Solutions with a list of the Certified Adviser’s customers who use Genie or Gentu, to allow Genie Solutions to monitor the Certified Partners customer satisfaction score with Genie Solutions customers (such score must remain at an acceptable level) as well as to coordinate support.
  • must not receive financial incentives or benefits in any way from Genie Solutions competitors.
  • will only use the Logo for the purposes of the Program. The Certified Adviser acknowledges they have no rights to use, and must not use any other Genie Solutions images, logos, or trademarks without Genie Solutions prior written consent.
  • is not, and will not represent themselves to be, an employee, agent, or contractor of Genie Solutions, and must not incur any obligation on behalf of Genie Solutions.
  • will provide a high standard of service at all times.
  • acknowledges that:
    • if it breaches any of the above terms, Genie Solutions may remove the Certified Adviser from the Program at its discretion;
    • Genie Solutions may terminate, suspend, or amend the terms of the Program or the Certified Adviser’s certification at any time; and
    • upon such termination or removal from the Program, the Certified Adviser agrees to cease using the Logo and representing themselves as a Genie Solutions Certified Adviser within 7 days.

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