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Empowering practices to make better business decisions backed by data

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The perfect reporting tool for specialists – years in the making

Cubiko and Genie Solutions partnered together in 2020 to create a powerful practice reporting platform, custom built for the unique needs of specialists. We combined our knowledge of our customers with Cubiko’s platform intelligence to deliver helpful insights to specialists and empower the success of their practice. Insights powered by Cubiko takes your Genie data and turns it into advanced reports on practice performance – an integration not possible with other third party reporting options 

How Insights can help your practice

Keep your appointment book full and flowing

Keep on top of patient follow-up actions and improve efficiency related to the appointment book.

Increase follow-ups and procedure bookings

See how many patients book further appointments or book into a procedure after a consult.

Build and manage your referral base

See your most frequent referrers so you know which relationships to invest in and manage.

View detailed financial analysis

Dissect your billings to understand how your practice offerings are performing.

Improve your practice operating model

Find ways to increase revenue, improve clinical outcomes and streamline operations.

Insights reporting dashboard

Data that’s easy to understand and action

Insights has a simple interface with tailored reporting and pulls data directly from Genie and selected third parties into one location so it’s easy to interpret and action. No more overwhelming data, just clear ways you can improve your practice. 

No more manual reporting or spreadsheets

Regular reporting is fast and easy; simply login to your Insights dashboard and view the data sets you use most frequently so you can see practice performance at a glance. Instead of spending time on manual reports, you will be able to focus on helping patients and making genuine, measurable improvements to your practice 

cubiko insights billings dashboard
Billings and reporting dashboard

See true practice performance – beyond financials

If your team is only doing basic financial reporting, you’re likely missing the broad view of your practice performance. Insights provides a holistic view of your practice by combining financial, patient, scheduling and procedural data for powerful insights that have the potential to make a significant difference to performance when compared to analysing financial data alone. 

Better business decisions

A holistic view of your operational and financial performance, combined with easily accessible reports gives you an easy way to see if your practice is on track. The reports available will enable you to finetune practice offerings and processes, and make solid business decisions – backed by data.   

invoicing dashboard

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