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Consult with your patients from anywhere

This telehealth package enables your practice to offer secure remote consultations to your patients – seamlessly embedded into your existing clinical workflow in either Genie or Gentu. Connect your practice with your patients anywhere, anytime. 

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Setting it up is easy and usually takes less than 10 minutes. 
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If you’re a Gentu user then you don’t need to sign up – simply click the button below to log in with your current Gentu login details.

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If you’re a Genie user then you’ll need to register first. During registration you’ll be required to provide your current GEN number. 

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If you are a Genie user and have previously registered for TeleConsult, simply click the button below to login or access TeleConsult directly from Genie v9.3.6.

Access from anywhere

Continue to deliver exceptional care to your patients with TeleConsult. It helps your practice and patients with high-quality, remote video consultations that can be performed in real-time.

Secure and stable from the ground up

TeleConsult is built on Amazon Chime’s secure and stable platform. Each connection is privacy protected and compliant with the highest Australian privacy standards.

Streamlined patient experience

With easy access, your patients avoid getting lost or slowed down by sign-up and login screens. Patients receive a unique link for their appointment, click the link and type in their name to join your online consultation. This can be done effortlessly from any participant’s preferred location.

How does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

TeleConsult will be free for Genie and Gentu users until October 2020.

TeleConsult will remain free for the duration of the COVID-19 health crisis, at least until October 1, 2020.   

We may extend the free use of TeleConsult beyond October 1, 2020, as we reassess the state of the health crisis.  

During this initial period, we will assess Genie and Gentu customers’ ongoing requirements for TeleConsult and telehealth solutions in general. Product development will continue to reflect customer needs, and we will determine our long-term pricing position based on these needs. 

Customers will receive at least 30 days’ advance notice of any pricing changes. 

The patient will receive an SMS with a link – clicking on this link will launch a web browser. No need for the patient to install any local apps or sign up prior to an appointment. 

TeleConsult is available to both Genie and Gentu users. 

For Genie customers, the workflow is integrated into Genie v9.3.6. 

Yes, TeleConsult can be accessed from any computer.  

The only data that is generated from TeleConsult is Practicioner IDs, meeting IDs, and the patient’s “Full name” form field that they fill out prior to entering a video consultation. All data is stored securely on-shore in Australia under AWS infrastructure. 

Further, AWS never uses customer content or derives information from it for other purposes such as marketing or advertising. AWS does not access or use customer content without the customer’s consent, except as legally required. 

Amazon Chime is an encrypted solution, underpinned by Amazon Web Services’ world-class security model that allows practices and Genie Solutions to meet Australian Privacy Principles. 

For more information on Amazon Chime’s approach to security, please visit their article Understanding Security in the Amazon Chime Application and SDK.

Services Australia provides the following guidance: 

Even though you and the patient aren’t at the same location during a telehealth video consultation, under section 20A of the Health Insurance Act 1973 the patient’s signature is still needed on the General, Specialist and Diagnostic (assignment of benefit) form (DB4). You can get this form through Medicare Bulk Bill Webclaims using HPOS. 

There are 3 ways you can get the patient’s signature: 

  1. You can send the completed General, Specialist and Diagnostic (assignment of benefit) form (DB4) to the patient to sign and return to you. 
  1. You can get an email agreement from the patient. 
  1. The practitioner supporting the patient during the telehealth consultation can ask the patient to sign the General, Specialist and Diagnostic (assignment of benefit) form (DB4) and return it to you. An example of this is where a patient is using the local GP’s surgery for the telehealth consultation – when the patient signs the (assignment of benefit) form, the GP sends it to the provider performing the telehealth service. 

Visit Services Australia’s page Bulk billing a telehealth video consultation here

All users of TeleConsult must have at least a 650 kbps up and down connection to conduct a 1:1 video call.  

Amazon Chime adapts based on network conditions. To confirm availability of the tool, practitioners and patients can use the Amazon Chime Readiness Checker. 

The Amazon Chime Readiness Checker checks the speaker, microphone, camera, screen sharing, and connectivity.