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Accurate dictation software, fully integrated with Gentu

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Dictate once and be done with your documentation

The accuracy and mobility of Voice allows you to complete your simple documentation within minutes while you’re with your patients, immediately after an appointment or in your free moments. Voice builds a high level of dictation accuracy by learning how you speak, so you can dictate once and have your documentation where it needs to be.

Why Voice?

Close tasks immediately

Dictate letters within minutes using auto-text fields and accurate dictation.

Streamline documentation workflows

Faster documentation means you no longer need external transcription services.

Fully integrated with Gentu letters

Automatically populates letters in Gentu to integrate smoothly with your workflow.

Advanced accuracy

Voice uses over 20 years of AI learnings and gets more accurate the more you use it.

Works on the go

Use the app anywhere with internet and make the most of your day.

Elegantly handle interruptions

Voice auto-saves dictations if you get interrupted.

Start using Voice powered by Nuance today

Expect an impressive level of accuracy once the app is trained to dictate your unique voice. Voice uses Nuance’s speech recognition engine which has grown over 20+ years so its out-of-the-box capabilities are advanced. As Voice uses Nuance’s cloud library  to dictate, internet is required to use the mobile app.

There will still be some time needed at the beginning to train the app to your way of speaking which can include correcting text interpretations. This small amount of time spent initially will mean long-term efficiency gains when it comes to how quickly you can document and send.

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