Who We Are

Genie Solutions team presentation

Movers, shakers, barrier-breakers

Genie Solutions has been crafting practice management solutions since 1995.

In a Bundaberg GP Clinic, Dr Paul Carr founded Genie on two key principles. First – deliver the best quality products, and second – provide a local, first-class technical support team for those products. 

Dr Carr knew first hand that time in practice is precious – a support team readily available to walkthrough technical troubles with the humans at the heart of the technology was crucial.

These principles are as important today as they were more than 20 years ago.

Genie Solutions milestones timeline graphic

We’ve come a long way, from a single desktop product with a handful of customers to a fully-fledged suite of cloud and desktop products, services and integrations designed with practice and patient experience at heart.

The future is bright for Genie Solutions and we’ll continue working towards more digitally empowered patients, data-driven clinical decision-making and a flourishing healthcare ecosystem that truly helps medical professionals achieve better outcomes for the people in their care. 

The Citadel Group

Genie Solutions are proud to be part of the Citadel Group. Founded in 2007, Citadel is a global software and services firm specialising in markets such as Health, Defence and large enterprise deployments. Citadel has leading market positions in Australia for public pathology and oncology data management, and in the UK for radiology and maternity data management. Citadel is charged with keeping people and information safe and is constantly seeking to harness world-class technology solutions to improve patient outcomes. Genie Solutions finds perfect home within The Citadel Group.