We’re evolving

Genie Solutions is now a Magentus company

Our Senior Leadership Team

​Michele is a highly experienced general management, marketing and sales executive. The past 20 years has seen her in various senior roles within the healthcare industry, including Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic. Michele is known for her ability to develop outstanding leaders and build a truly diverse and inclusive workforce. With a philosophy underpinned by collaboration and service to community, she is a passionate advocate for healthcare initiatives.

Michele Blanshard

General Manager

Brenden is passionate about bringing leading-edge technology and agile practices to life in purpose-led businesses. His previous roles include CTO of Global Payments and GM at Auto and General. Brenden specialises in building high-performing teams who are experts in their craft and supporting them to deliver outstanding results for customers and businesses alike.

Brenden Conolly

Group Chief Technology Officer

Amy has over 18 years’ experience in marketing management, including working for international powerhouses such as American Express and Mastercard. In her role as Director of Marketing and Sales, she is passionate about ensuring both teams work collaboratively to deliver impressive results. Amy instils a customer-first mentality with all team members and utilises her rich experience to make every campaign and strategy the best it can be.

Amy Curtis

Director of Marketing and Sales

Robyn has had an impressive customer-focussed career spanning over 25 years. She brings a wealth of experience to her role as Director of Customer Support and Professional Services, having worked with much-loved Australian companies such as Virgin Australia, Origin Energy and now Genie Solutions. Robyn continually innovates our systems, processes and the skills and capability of her customer focused team to improve the overall customer experience.

Robyn James

Director of Customer Support and Professional Services

Andrew is a finance executive with over 12 years’ experience as a senior executive in public resources companies, corporate finance advisory and financial assurance. He held the role of Company Secretary in two businesses through periods of transformation before he joined Genie in 2019.

Andrew Roach

Director of Finance

Emma is a human resources leader with over 10 years’ experience in all aspects of human resources and organisational development. Emma is passionate about creating innovative and diverse organisational culture and crafting great employee experiences that have a positive impact on people and performance.​

Emma Selwood

Director of Employee Experience

Combining over a decade working in Australian Digital Health, with her background in cognitive psychology, Niamh takes a human-centred approach to understanding the challenges faced by Medical Professionals. Niamh sets the direction of the products at Genie and empowers her team to imagine and design a better future for health through technology. ​

Niamh Tobin

Director of Product Strategy and Design

Guillaume is a proven leader who excels at bringing people together to solve challenging problems. This includes leveraging technology in innovative ways to transform healthcare. He has a history of building strong, empowered leaders and diverse teams by fostering a customer-focused, continuous improvement mindset at companies like Compare The Market, Neto, and numerous startups.

Guillaume Debever

Director of Product Development

The Citadel Group

Genie Solutions are proud to be part of the Citadel Group. Founded in 2007, Citadel is a global software and services firm specialising in markets such as Health, Defence and large enterprise deployments. Citadel has leading market positions in Australia for public pathology and oncology data management, and in the UK for radiology and maternity data management. Citadel is charged with keeping people and information safe and is constantly seeking to harness world-class technology solutions to improve patient outcomes. Genie Solutions find perfect home within The Citadel Group.