Dragon Medical One

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Speech recognition software

A united voice

Genie Solutions and Nuance have teamed up to bring cloud-based Dragon Medical One speech recognition to the Genie Solutions Marketplace.  

Nuance Medical Speech Recognition solutions are designed to accurately translate voice into a rich, detailed clinical narrative that feeds into your practice management platform, regardless of type, device, or physical location.  

Voice-to-text provides the freedom and flexibility to create patient notes your way, and dramatically reduce the amount of time spent at your computer, typing up notes and documenting diagnoses, outcomes and follow-up actions. 

Buy a Dragon Medical One Licence

While we work to design and deliver an incredible integrated experience, you can now purchase a Dragon Medical One licence through Genie Solutions.

We’ll bundle your monthly or yearly Dragon Medical One licence into your invoice and you’ll also benefit from our deeply knowledgeable Training and Support teams who will work with you to seamlessly setup your practice to reap the benefits of voice-to-text sooner.

Dragon Medical One Gentu Integration

We’re inviting Gentu users to register for the early adopter program for the integrated Dragon Medical One Mobile Voice solution in Gentu.

Can't wait for us to integrate?

While we work to design and deliver an incredible integrated experience, you can now purchase a Dragon Medical One licence through Genie Solutions.

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Why Dragon Medical One?

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How will Dragon Medical One help my practice?

Time Saving

DMO Speech recognition solutions reduce the time required to produce clinical documentation, giving doctors faster turnaround time on their letters and hours back in their week.

Cost Saving

Affordable monthly or yearly subscription-based pricing with low up-front capital investment.

Buy through us and bundle the subscription fee into your regular invoice.


Powered by the latest AI technology, DMO Speech Recognition achieves 99% accuracy with no voice profile training required. It’s voice profiles learn and improve continuously and are bolstered by automatic microphone calibration and recognition of accents.


Dictate your way from the microphone on your desktop in your office, your smart phone on the way to theatre or your laptop on the couch at home. 


Built with virtualisation in mind, the Desktop application provides secure, accurate and portable clinical speech recognition across a wide range of Windows devices. 


Nuance supports the Privacy Act 1988 requirements for patient security and confidentiality with secure encryption methods used throughout.

Nuance Dragon Medical One white paper on Data security can be viewed here.


Nuance cloud solutions feature 99.5% up-time and run on geographically dispersed data centres hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, an ASD Certified Cloud Service.

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