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Our new online booking solution with Australia's largest engagement platform

  • Customisation - a triage process custom designed for the needs of a specialist practice (including multiple locations when required!)
  • Improved practice efficiencies - save time and costs by automating routine tasks
  • Better patient experiences - improve health outcomes and patient loyalty through connectivity
  • A seamless integration with your Genie software
  • Ability to accept appointments 24/7
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Why you should consider Specialist Bookings

reduction in inbound call volume

Australians use HotDoc

of patients want to book specialists online

Why we partnered with HotDoc

“We think the partnership with HotDoc is going to be really helpful in improving the patient experience – making things much smoother and seamless. And making the practices much more efficient.” 

James Scollay – CEO of Genie Solutions

“I see a world where a patient doesn’t just see their preferred GP on the homescreen of the HotDoc app but their whole treating team. A world where managing a chronic disease becomes that much easier.” 

Dr. Ben Hurst – Founder of HotDoc

Online Bookings for General Practitioners

Specialist Bookings has been built and tailored for our Specialist customers, but there’s also a solution for our General Practitioners! HotDoc’s GP solution, Online Bookings, has been integrated into the Genie software so that our GP’s can take advantage of their trusted booking solution. 
Reach out to the team at HotDoc via the button below to learn more about Online Bookings.

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Specialist Bookings is just around the corner. You will be the first to access it. Please fill out the form and we will be in touch. 

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Specialist Bookings will be available for you within the later half of 2020. Please fill out this form to be kept up to date with product developments. 

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