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Online Patient Registration is transforming practice efficiency.​

Previously, we would get new patients details over the phone or have them fill out a questionnaire - now with Online Patient Registration, we save up to 15 minutes per patient and it has freed up time on the phones and at the front desk by helping us get patients straight through to the Doctor when they arrive.
Ellie Stevens
Admin Team Leader - South East Dermatology
We have just started using Online Patient Registration forms and cannot recommend them enough! This definitely made our life so much easier during COVID-19 as it meant patients did not have to fill out registration forms. Definitely a great idea for anyone who is interested in saving time!
Bronny Clark
Practice Manager - Dr. Rob Bohmer
Registering new patients just got easier
  • New patient receives a text message from practice that includes a link to our Patient Portal, Secure Health Forms
  • New patient registers in the Patient Portal
  • New patient fill out the form and submits it
  • Seamless integration from form to Genie*

*Online Patient Registration is only available on the latest version of Genie

New enhancements being delivered!

We’re constantly working to take on customer feedback and expand on and enhance Online Patient Registration, here’s an example of some of our latest additions!

  • Medical History section added to the questionnaire so that you can include your own questions, unique to your practice’s needs
  • Patients can add attachments, including referral letters or results
  • Parents and Guardians will now be able to add separate account holder details to ensure you can bill minors without collecting additional details
  • The ability to edit your Online Patient Registration dashboard, including removing past patient details
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