Online Patient Registration

Registering new patients just got easier

Seamless integration

Our online form for new patients is being built to integrate directly with your Genie or Gentu software.

Deliver immediate time savings for your patients and staff. This functionality could save you up to 15 minutes of data entry for every new patient joining your practice. 

Set for release late this year, we are currently in the pilot phase of this product. If you’d like to be kept up to date for when this product is released, please register below.

Time saving

Improved data accuracy

More time for the patient

We design our products with you

Any software solution needs to be designed with customers’ input, and we will be looking to consult with healthcare practitioners throughout this process.


You have the opportunity to be part of our co-design group, who will collaborate with our design team during their research and design process, including interviews, testing, and workshops, to explore the core problems you are facing. This helps our teams to design and implement innovative solutions and improve your experience.

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