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Free up your front desk and improve your
patients' experience

Online Patient Registration for Genie and Gentu

We’ve responded to the feedback of thousands of our customers and are delighted to bring you our new software feature, Online Patient Registration as part of our Advanced Extras.

Registering new patients just got easier
  • New patient receives a text message from practice that includes a link to our Patient Portal, Secure Health Forms
  • New patient registers in the Patient Portal
  • New patient fill out the form and submits it
  • Seamless integration from form to Genie*

*Online Patient Registration is only available on the latest version of Genie

Online Patient Registration feature pricing
  • Price includes initial SMS and up to two follow-up SMS to the patient
  • You only pay when your patient submits the form (and patient data is captured in Genie)
  • We give you the opportunity to test how the forms work for your practice with 5 free trial forms

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the additional fee for this product of $1 per completed form is subject to change with 3 months notice. This will need to be paid monthly by direct debit. Please note this is an introductory price which may be subject to change at a later date. 

Minimise workload, reduce expenses and make life easier for patients and staff

Transform the experience for your patients and practice team with the use of Online Patient Registration. 

You’ll immediately benefit from:

  • Time saving
  • Improved data accuracy
  • More time for the patient
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Improve your practice experience
Your new patients will love Online Patient Registration because:
  • They’re digital creatures who would rather use their phones than a paper form.
  • They can register as soon as they receive the link, rather than rushing to complete a paper form just before their appointment.
  • They can control their own information, especially important to patients with complicated surnames that others often get wrong.
Your admin staff will love Online Patient Registration because:
  • It frees them up to concentrate on welcoming new patients rather than gathering information.
  • It means an end to tedious data entry tasks at the end of an already long shift.
  • It will reduce data accuracy errors which can cause confusion and lost time to fix.
Practice owners will love Online Patient Registration because:
  • It creates a modern, friendly first impression when welcoming new patients.
  • It will reduce data entry errors that cost you time and money to fix later.
Online Patient Forms integrates seamlessly with Genie & Gentu

Available on the latest version of Genie.

On an older version? Please get in touch with support.

Coming soon for Gentu users.