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Work smarter, not harder with Advanced Extras

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Do you have a practice problem that needs solving?

Our Advanced Extras are designed to solve common problems for practitioners and admin staff and work to improve the patient experience. These optional products can transform the efficiency of your practice, save you and your staff valuable time, and streamline processes. 

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Advanced Extras can help your practice:

  • Save time so you can spend more time doing what you love
  • Improve and automate parts of the patient experience
  • Increase productivity and streamline processes which can increase employee satisfaction
  • Grow and scale-up easily by fine-tuning processes and increasing efficiency so you’re ready to expand
  • Customise Genie or Gentu to meet your particular needs
  • Save on costs (e.g. minimising the need for external help, and seeing opportunities to streamline)

Ready to make your practice more efficient?

Choose from our Advanced Extras below
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by Nuance

Dictate on your mobile straight into Gentu letters, with no additional steps and high accuracy so you only need to dictate once.

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Patient Payments

by Ezidebit

Offer online payments to patients and have the option to take terminal payments in practice.

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Dragon Medical One

by Nuance

A secure, cloud based voice-to-text solution that enables you to dictate clinical notes with a high level of accuracy.

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Online Patient Registration

by Genie Solutions

Collect demographic information from your new patients via an online form for a paperless workflow.

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Specialist Bookings

by HotDoc

An online booking solution customised for the needs of your specialist medical practice.

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ECLIPSE Claiming

Transmit inpatient claims directly to major Australian healthfunds, removing the need for time-consuming manual processing.

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SMS Reminders

Automate patient reminders in order to reduce no-shows and cancellations to appointments.

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Looking for more integrations with your software?

Our Marketplace is where you can find information on all Advanced Extras and additional integrations!