Working at Genie Solutions

Innovate, Impact, Inspire

When you talk to a Genie Solutions employee about working at Genie, two themes usually emerge – great people, driven by a greater purpose.

The Genie solutions training team supporting the needs of a customer

You're in good company

“We Care” is one of our core values so it’s not surprising we seek-out and attract purpose-driven people bound by a common desire to make a positive impact through their work. We encourage curiosity and pride ourselves on maintaining open and honest dialogue across every level of the business. 

There are no hierarchies or heroes here, just teams and people who will challenge you, support you, and inspire you to be better and better. 

Come as you are, stay that way

We don’t just look for people who will be a great culture fit at Genie, we look for people who will be a great culture add to Genie. That means we hire people with diverse backgrounds, interesting histories and different perspectives to bring to the table. We live and breathe a growth-mindset and we wouldn’t be very good at it if we surrounded ourselves with people exactly like us. 

What we offer

Grow from your experience

Whether “growth” for you means collaborating with more diverse teams, across disciplines and specialties like User Experience, Technical Writing, Software Training or Customer Experience, or developing your interpersonal or communication skills – we’re invested in you. 

What we offer

Healthy to the core

Our people design, build and support software designed to help medical professionals and the people in their care so we advocate for the health of our people. 


What we offer


Family forward

For expecting parents including same-sex couples, adoptive, foster and parents to stillborn children we also offer:

  • No minimum tenure, you will be eligible for parental leave from the day you start working with us
  • 12 weeks of full paid parental leave for primary carers and 2 weeks full paid parental leave for secondary carers 
  • We continue to make superannuation payments on paid parental leave

Looking to pivot into tech?

Are you interested in joining a company like ours, but don’t have a traditional tech background? Genie Solutions is a collaborator with SheDares – a free online, interactive learning experience that aims to demystify careers in technology for professional women in non-tech industries and equip them for a pivot into the sector. We’re collaborators with SheDares because we want to see a gender-equal tech industry, enriched by the value that diversity brings. We encourage you to find out more about SheDares. 

Shedare Genie Solutions