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Genie Solutions is now a Magentus company

Genie Solutions' Master Services Agreement

We have recently updated our Master Services Agreement.  We understand you may have some questions for us, so we have provided some FAQs below that may assist you.

The changes in the agreement have largely been made to reflect the advances in technology and to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible products and services. Some of our products and services require the use of cloud based infrastructure and other third party applications that weren’t considered in our original arrangements with you. As such, we needed a new contract that better reflects the products and services that Genie Solutions now provides. The MSA covers both Genie and Gentu products, so when the time is right for you to move to the cloud (if you choose to do so), you won’t require a separate contract.

The changes under the MSA are intended to reflect the new environment we operate in with our cloud platform and the new technologies we offer. For example, Genie Solutions seeks the ability to:

  • use your data in order to provide our software and services to you, including the transfer, storage and processing of it on our secure Australian cloud based infrastructure and platforms; and

if required, use the raw data you provide, to create de-identified data on your behalf (in accordance with best practice and industry standards), where there is no reasonable likelihood of reidentification. Under the MSA, you grant us a licence to use such de-identified data and user analytics for our internal business purposes. This includes product testing, development and improvements to provide you with the best practice services, advice, and troubleshooting. We do not share this data with third parties without your consent. We refer you to the MSA clause 9 and definition of Approved Purposes for full details.

  • User analytics data includes information about what aspects of Genie Solutions products customers are using. For example, if the appointment book is accessed, that access is recorded in analytics. User analytics does not include any PII, PHI or practice data. It contains information that relates to the interaction with products. This information forms an important data point for features and functionality that is developed or improved based upon real world usage. No information to link the usage information to individual users is recorded.
  • Genie Solutions may use de-identified data for purposes of aiding the prioritisation of product features and functions. This could include volume based information (for example, number of appointments created or the numbers of claims processed) created by customers across products. Genie Solutions does not use PII or PHI as part of these processes, even when deidentified without your express permission.
  • Genie Solutions will only provide customer data to third parties to provide the services that customers agree to. For example, Genie Solutions products process Medicare Claims on behalf of customers. In this case, Genie Solutions forwards the required PII/PHI to perform these interactions in a secure and safe way for processing by the third party (in this case Medicare). Other third parties may include Advanced Extras partners (for example HotDoc). Data is never, and will never, be provided to third parties without express consent.
  • No, we do not share your data. We are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of your data.  We use your practice data to provide our software and services to you, and in accordance with your instructions. In addition to this we provide data to government online health services as required (for example: Medicare). Beyond this necessary sharing Genie Solutions does not, and would not, disclose your data to any third party, even if in a de-identified form, without your express consent to do so.

    For further information about how we handle personal information, please see our privacy policy at https://www.geniesolutionssoftware.com.au/privacy-policy.

  • If you decide to seek amendments to the MSA after reading the information given in these FAQs, we will review your request. However, you should be aware this could impact the overall service we are able to provide to you.

  • Genie Solutions remain committed to supporting you whilst continuing to evolve and improve our software and services as technology allows. If you elect to opt out of cloud transfer, storage and processing of data (clause 9.2(a)(ii)), you will be unable to use Gentu, Australian Government Online Services (includes Medicare web services) and any of our Advanced Extra products, including Online Patient Registration, Specialist Bookings powered by HotDoc and Patient Payments powered by Ezidebit. 


    Please be aware that if you choose to remove our ability to create de-identifed data (clause 9.2(a)(ii) or use de-identified data (clause 9.2(a)(iii)) this may impact our ability to provide support and software enhancement services (such as troubleshooting or prioritisation of new features), without further consents being required.

  • If you still decide to opt out of these elements or you seek amendments to other aspects of the MSA, please reach out to support@geniesolutions.com.au at your earliest convenience.

  • If you do not notify us that you accept the MSA and do not request any amendments to it and continue to use Genie or Gentu for a reasonable time period, we will reasonably assume you have accepted the terms of the MSA. If you raise issues with the MSA, we are open to reviewing the terms with you and your current terms of use will continue to apply during this period. Please reach out at support@geniesolutions.com.au with any amendments you seek.

  • An authorised representative is someone with the authority to enter into contracts and bind the practice. Depending on the circumstances within your practice, it could be the owner of the practice, a practitioner, or a practice manager. If you are unsure as to whether you are an authorised representative of the practice, we suggest you check with the owner of the practice.