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Interoperability platform services

Accelerating Australia's collaborative healthcare future

We work with private hospitals, diagnostic providers, and governments to design industry-approved interoperability solutions

Our approach to interoperability is consensus-driven and collaborative

Our industry-proven design and delivery approach involves working with healthcare vendors to co-design interoperability solutions that improve collaborative care, transform clinical workflows, and influence Australian standards. Where standards do not exist or need greater alignment, we drive discussions with stakeholders and governing bodies to confirm requirements; this lays the foundation for solutions that have support and longevity in the ecosystem.

Contributing to the future of healthcare in Australia

Our solutions, eRequests and eBookings, are FHIR-firsts in Australia and involved deep collaboration with the industry. Through this work, we are accelerating Australia’s adoption of FHIR and open API, and contributing to a future where health data is communicated effectively and efficiently, health systems are connected rapidly, and every care provider has the information they need for faster, safer treatment. 

Our leading PMS products enable rapid adoption of our interoperability solutions

Practices use our products​
3000 +
Clinicians supported
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Our interoperability solutions

eRequests – coming soon to Genie and Gentu

Genie Solutions and Sonic Healthcare have co-designed the first FHIR-based open API eRequest solution in Australia.

eRequests is a digital-first workflow for diagnostic ordering, where clinicians can provide digital requests to patients and track the status of tests in real-time. Laboratories benefit from more efficient processes and more transparent relationships with practices to enable greater collaboration and reduce errors, such as incorrect tests and lost samples. Through these efficiency gains, eRequests can improve the care received by the patient and reduce potential delays in diagnosis.

Bringing eRequests to life through Connectathons and support from HL7 Australia

The creation of eRequests involved collaboration at several Connectathons between Genie Solutions and Sonic Healthcare, alongside HL7 Australia, and key members of the diagnostic community. All parties collaborated to shape the eRequests solution coming soon to Genie, Gentu, and Sonic Healthcare’s laboratories.

This solution will also soon be implemented by Healius, who are partnering with Genie Solutions to modernise their laboratory workflows as early adopters of eRequests.

eBookings – available in Genie and Gentu

Reducing administrative burdens on VMOs while improving hospital resourcing capabilities, and patient safety

eBookings is designed to provide VMOs a simpler, more efficient way to book theatre with hospitals. It will significantly improve collaborative care and communication between VMOs and hospitals, giving hospitals better visibility of future theatre bookings to improve their ability to forecast resource requirements. The solution also has the potential to decrease potential adverse effects for patients by ensuring VMOs and hospitals both have consistent access to critical patient information.

Coming to selected hospitals across Australia

eBookings is currently underway at a major private hospital hospital group with a nationwide rollout in progress. This is the first FHIR-based solution in Australia, and through this initial implementation, we will lay the foundations to accelerate the adoption of similar solutions Australia-wide.

Interested in implementing your own eRequests or eBookings solution?

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