Patient Portal

Delivering the tools you need to improve your patient experience
and drive real practice efficiency

Coming in 2019

Digital Forms and Surveys

Online Payments

Online Appointment Bookings

Integrated Patient View

What it means for you

  • Win back more time for yourself, so that you can focus on the needs of your patients
  • Deliver immediate time savings for your patients and your staff
  • Bring your practice forward into the next stage of Digital Health Technology 
  • Integrates with both Genie and Gentu, allowing our desktop customers to gain the benefits of cloud
Patient Portal

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We design our products with you

Any solution needs to be designed with customers’ input and we will be looking to consult with healthcare practitioners throughout this process.

You have the opportunity to be part of our co-design group who will collaborate with our researchers during their research and design process including interviews, testing and workshops to explore the core problems you are facing. This helps our teams design and implement innovative solutions to improve your experience.

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