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Why Make The Move To Gentu Software?

Technology has changed the world and we’ve all grown to expect slick, automated digital experiences everywhere we go – from the doctor’s office to the bank, and the commute in between.  The sensitivities of patient data and a fragmented healthcare ecosystem in Australia hamade innovation difficult for healthcare technology providers. But with more focus on the patient experience and increasing demand for practice management software you can access anytime, anywhereon any device – change was inevitable.   In 2017, the call came for a cloud-based practice management platform with smart, leanintuitive workflows for specialists and their support teams – Genie Solutions answered with Gentu. 

Our Philosophy: Experience First

We’re incredibly proud of the depth of functionality in Genie – it’s universally loved for a reason. But we also know most practices in most specialties still only use around 10% of the functionality available to them. 

Gentu is designed “experience first” so when we release updates, those updates deliver the most value to the most people. Our recent work to connect workflows in the Gentu Appointment book is a notable example of this philosophy in action 

To deliver the best user experience, we worked with customers to determine the best way to book and manage appointments and we designed the tools that delivered the most benefit to the most people.  

For example, the Gentu Appointment details sit right next the patient details, new patients can be created in a couple of clickswithout leaving the page. In factthere may not even be a need to type because we’re pulling patient data from the file and auto-filling fields. 

Not only is the core workflow logical and seamless, there’s also more room to read, fewer scroll bars, and buttons where you expect them to be. 

With a conscious shift from feature and functionality output” in Genie to “feature and functionality outcome” in Gentu – we pave the way for better practice management, by design.  

Is Gentu Right For Me?

Small practices in specialties such as General Surgery, Vascular Surgery Orthopaedic surgery and Psychiatry are a great fit for Gentu right now. Here’s a breakdown of our current customer-base. 

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