We’re evolving

Genie Solutions is now a Magentus company

Practice Manager experiencing Genie Solutions Software training

Experience matters. It always has.

At Genie, our relationship to the word “Experience” is multi-dimensional – it’s where the customer experience, user experience, employee experience and industry experience intersect to create a unique connected Experience that’s far more impactful than the sum of its parts. 

This Connected Experience

We see a great “experience” as more than a great Appointment Booking Workflow in Genie, a warm welcome email from Support, or quick response to a piece of customer feedback on a Training Session.

Rather, it’s the sum of all of the moments that matter—the interactions between our people in the Product, Training, Sales and Support teams and our customers – that shape the way each one feels about the other.

When we talk about experience at Genie, the concept isn’t limited to the way our products and services look and feel. A great practitioner experience is how it looks, how it feels, how it sounds, how it works. It’s all of the pieces we pull together to create an experience greater than the sum of its parts. It’s how we answer the phone in Support, it’s the simplicity of a product flow that “just works”, it’s the honesty and transparency of our communications when we mess up, it’s the care and rigour we apply to data security and product reliability, it’s the extra effort that our field staff take to connect with customers in remote areas.

Together, we engage our empathy to walk a kilometre in your shoes before we make decisions, which often means we often trade in our own ideas for yours.

Genie Solutions roadmap of design principals

Check out this overview of Co-design at Genie to see how this idea really comes to life.

In Gentu, our Product Strategy Team resisted taking short-cuts with clunky Middleware to  focus on platform stability, reliability and predictability (the good kind) – resulting in more of our own clean, streamlined workflows so your day-to-day runs more smoothly, with fewer clicks of your mouse, and less of your brain required.

In Support, Training and Migrations, the technical prowess borders on freakish (don’t tell them we said that!) and we deeply value the humans at the heart of our technology, there to provide Support in the moments it matters most.

Industry Experience — all 20 years (and a few grey hairs) of it — is what makes the Genie Experience unique to our customers. It means we’re deeply engrained in the industry with partners we could only dream of 10 years ago, we’re confident our industry experience will contribute to better Experiences overall, and importantly, we a bit about embracing change to evolve as your patient expectations change (and yours do too).

This is just the beginning of our journey towards experience-driven products.


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