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We are a group of 7 psychiatrists in Adelaide that provide psychiatric care designed to meet the needs of the individual. In 2016, due to the Government plans to have all psychiatrists online, we decided to review our practice management software. Our non-negotiable requirements were value for money and ease of use. Genie Solutions software has absolutely achieved this for us. The beauty of Genie is that it just works so well for us as a group and as individuals. Our secretary manages Genie for the group and as individual psychiatrists we have access to the information we need such as our own patient records, letters and referrals, plus our individual billing and accounting reports.We really benefit from Genie’s integration of Tyro for payments. Banking is much easier and we haven’t had to bank a cheque since. We no longer have awkward conversations about collecting payment and we don’t need to maintain a debtor list any more. In fact, chasing debts has been eliminated, freeing up an enormous amount of our time. This enables the team to concentrate on providing quality healthcare to our clients. We use the ECLIPSE module for in-patient billing which means we get paid in a matter of days. It’s so important for a small business to have timely payments and good cash flow. Using ECLIPSE with Genie is so simple and efficient.

Using ECLIPSE with Genie is so simple and efficient

Genie also has an inbuilt SMS module, which we use daily as our communication tool for appointment reminders. It’s the quickest & most effective way to contact clients. We send out a reminder the day before their appointment and the client replies with a Y or an N. Their response is automatically recorded in Genie and that means easier management of the appointment book. Accounting with Genie is excellent because the workflow is straight forward. It’s very simple to review our accounts every month and run an efficient practice. Training and support has been provided in person by our local Genie State Manager. She’s been great – always available if we require assistance and the customer support team at Genie Solutions are very knowledgeable as well.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Genie as the best practice management system for a psychiatric practice. Dr Mark Edwards Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery, FRANZCP


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