We’re evolving

Genie Solutions is now a Magentus company

2019 was a big year of transformation for the team at Genie Solutions, and a significant focus has been developing new features for you. Looking back on the year, we’re super proud of our achievements and the progress we have made with Gentu.  

We know that it’s not just about lots of features, it is about designing a really simple, intuitive experience that makes your life easier. To do this, we work closely with our customers to understand how you really work and what your real needs are.  

We want to make sure that all new features are; supporting users working on their business, enabling practices to be more efficient in their workflows and supporting practitioners to deliver better health outcomes for their patients. 

Below is an outline of features added to Gentu in 2019, and we promise you this year’s list will be just as jam-packed with value for you and your practice. 


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