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Genie Solutions is now a Magentus company

My name is Amie Bell and I’m the Patient Services Manager at The Wellend Health Clinic, an advanced multidisciplinary practice with a mission to set a new standard in integrated healthcare for women. We pride ourselves on consistently being at the forefront of modern medicine through collaboration with specialists and scientists across the globe. When we established in 2012, we needed to find a software package that could be tailored to meet the needs of our growing practice. We wanted software that would improve practice efficiency so we could focus on the health outcomes our patients. The first software package we tried didn’t quite meet our needs, so we organised a demonstration with Genie Solutions. We decided that Genie would be the right choice for us and it’s since become an invaluable part of our practice.

Flawless Installation

Such a large change would usually be stressful for a busy practice like ours, but the Genie installation and training consultants really put our minds at ease. We all felt confident that we were in good hands the entire time.  

Comprehensive training

Our training was enjoyable and easy to follow. Rather than simply instructing us and leaving us to our own devices, our Genie trainers took the time to ensure we knew how to use the software and perform our day-to-day tasks.  It felt like the trainers really cared about our experience.

Insightful reporting

We’re all impressed by the depth of information provided by the reports in Genie. I can tailor my reporting to track the data that’s most important to our practice. We use a lot of Genie’s built in reports, and whenever we need to track or find any additional information, the Genie Solutions staff are always happy to help us design customised reports.

Easy patient correspondence

Our patients are our main priority, and with Genie we can use SMS to correspond with them in a simple, convenient and automated way. We send SMS appointment reminders every day and we’ve started using SMS to remind patients when they require diagnostic testing prior to their appointment. SMS saves time and it’s become a part of Wellend Health Clinic patient experience.

A Great Investment

Genie’s impact is obvious in the day-to-day running of our business; our patients are happier, our administration staff are well equipped, and most importantly, our clinicians can focus on providing an unparalleled level of care for their patients.

We see Genie as an investment that’s paid off. We’re amazed by the number of ways Genie helps our administration staff support our clinicians, so that our clinicians can focus on what really matters to us – our patients and their health outcomes. Genie helps me keep a clear vision of our growth as a business.

We couldn’t be happier with Genie.


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