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Genie Solutions is now a Magentus company

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What we’re doing to pave a path to the future of Practice Management Software in Australia 

Genie Solutions sees legislative and compliance-related work in an oddly positive light. 

Yes, some features and functionality are mandatory to rollout in Genie and Gentu and yes, they’re sometimes a little tricky to navigate for practices and their software providers alike.  

But they’re also a worthwhile investment of time and energy, because the time we spend laying foundations now, paves a path to progress for Genie-or-Gentu-powered practices in the future. 

This critical functionality has come first for us in 2021, with Active Ingredient Prescribing, 64bit upgrades, and My Health Record refinements in Genie.  

Now…Medicare Webservices here we come!  

Here’s a look at the compliance work going on in Genie and Gentu at the moment, and a peek at what’s coming next.  

Done: Active Ingredient Prescribing (AIP) 

Genie partnered with medicines information specialist MIMS to make active ingredient prescribing (AIP) available for Genie and Gentu users in February 2021.  

We delivered a suite of new features to support AIP in version 9.3.9. 

AIP graphic for practice management software

Done: MHR

We’ve made significant upgrades to the MHR functionality in Genie.  

With an ever-increasing amount of clinical information from a diverse range of government and clinical contributors, MHR can help you make more informed decisions about patient care and in return, you can choose to contribute specialist letters from your own patient records to MHR.

My Health Record Graphic

Now: 64bit

We’re pleased to report we’re now over 70% of the way through our 64-bit work and are committed to providing a 64-bit version of Genie before Apple ceases support for macOS 10.14 Mojave. 

See64-bit Genie Compatibility Updates on the Genie Community to track our progress. 

Now: Medicare Web services! 

Web services is a new technology to allow health professionals to seamlessly and easily share data with Services Australia who manage the ways you access Medicare Online (including the Australian Immunisation Register and DVA), ECLIPSE and PBS Online.  

We’ve started working on the Web Services version of Genie will so you can seamlessly transition to accessing your usual Medicare services in a fresh new way, as of 13 March 2022.

practice management software upgrade to medicare web services

Visit the Services Australia website to find out more about the Medicare transition to Webservices. 

Next: ePrescribing 

Electronic prescribing provides an option for prescribers and their patients to use an electronic Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) prescription.

Practice management software e-prescribing compliance update

To stay up to date on ePrescribing, see the Community announcements here.


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