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We are excited to announce that we have released Genie v.9.4.6 which includes a connection to Medicare Web Services, ahead of the 13 March deadline.  

Medicare Web Services has been introduced by Services Australia, replacing the current HIC Online adaptor technology with RESTful Web Services. This is in line with current industry standards and is intended to improve security, stability and future Medicare updates. 

If you use Genie to submit electronic claims with Medicare, you will need to update to Genie v9.4.6 before 13 March to maintain access to Online Claiming functionality. This includes Online Patient Verification, Bulk Bill, DVA, Patient Claims, Health Fund Billing and access to the Australian Immunisation Register.  

Updating before this date will ensure minimal disruption to claiming workflows and allow your practice to continue billing as normal. 

Before Updating

Prior to updating, there are several steps you need to take: 

  1. Update any expiring NASH (My Health Record) or eRX certificates that need to be renewed.
  2. Transmit any stored patient claims
  3. Retrieve all reports for any bulk bill and ECLIPSE claims older than 6 months 

If you need further assistance on these steps access our checklist and video 

Still confused? We have a range of FAQs to assist you. 

Running the update

Genie v9.4.6 requires the cloud adapter (and web server) to be running to transmit claims through to Medicare. To ensure the cloud adapter is running successfully, we recommend performing a manual update using the full Genie installer, rather than the updater found in Special > Software Updates. The full installer can be found in our updating guide. 

Many of our customers find the help of an IT professional useful for Genie updates.  

If you need assistance, we have a range of Certified Advisors who are ready to help you. 

Updated to 9.4.6. What’s next?

Once you have updated to ensure you are configured for Online Claiming, you will need to complete an Online Patient Verification. You will be prompted within Genie upon updating to do this and it only needs to be completed by one person within your practice.


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