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Ready, set, Medicare Web Services 

From 13 March 2022, all practitioners who currently use Medicare Online Claiming and Online Patient Verification (e.g. Bulk Bill, Patient Claims, DVA and Health Fund Billing via ECLIPSE), will transition to using Medicare Web Services.  

This innovation changes how electronic claims are sent to Medicare via Provider Digital Access (PRODA). PRODA is an online verification and authentication system that verifies individuals and organisations against the Australian Business Register information.    

Why the change?

Medicare’s health and aged care channels currently use adaptor technology. Updating to web services will ensure digital claiming and data channels that: 

  • are secure and stable, now and into the future 
  • meet current technology standards 
  • are easier to update and improve

Sit back and relax

We understand legislative changes like this can be stressful and uncertain times for practices, but we’re doing everything we can to make the transition as simple as possible. 

Software companies like us can choose one of two approaches to manage the PRODA process for practices:  

  1. Ask practices to register and manage their own PRODA, which they’re required to renew access to every six months  
  2. Software vendors manage PRODA on behalf of customers  

Genie Solutions have chosen the latter approach, meaning there’s nothing Genie and Gentu users will need to do to be ready for these changes. Instead, we’ll take care of the PRODA process on behalf of your practice, so that your focus remains on what’s most important – your patients.  

Our progress so far

Both the Genie and Gentu development teams have been hard at work leading up to the legislative deadline. They are excitingly close to delivering fully integrated solutions for all our customers. 

Genie Solutions has already passed all required testing for NOI (Notice of Integration) for our Medicare Webservices Platform. This means our underlying software architecture has been certified by Medicare, and we’re now focused on connecting this platform in Genie and Gentu.  

Medicare Web Services will not significantly change the look or feel of your software or how it works – Medicare Bulk Bill and Patient Claims, DVA, and Eclipse claims will all continue to work seamlessly, ensuring practices continue to get paid.    

For Genie customers, Medicare Web Services is an integral part of the next version of Genie, coming in early 2022. We’ll let you know as soon as this version is available for download to ensure you have time to upgrade and keep your claims flowing. 

Gentu customers will always have access to our latest features and updates. Gentu will continue to work as usual while Medicare Web Services changes are tested and released behind the scenes. 

For more information on Medicare Web Services, head over to the Services Australia Website. 


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