My Health Record (MHR) and potential for positive impact on the Australian Healthcare system

MHR now available via Genie and Gentu

With MHR now accessible via Genie and Gentu, we’d like to take a minute to reflect on our decision to put our support behind the MHR initiative and encourage Genie and Gentu users to support it too. 

If you haven’t done so yet, there are loads of resources to help your patients feel safe adopting MHR here, and register for MHR in Genie or MHR in Gentu now.

Your patients are so much more empowered

Genie has been around since the 90s and we’ve seen the tide shift from patients with a single relationship to a healthcare provider who remains central to their healthcare throughout much of their lives, to an increasing number of digitally enabled people who travel more and seek care from a number of different practitioners across towns, cities, states (and countries). 

It’s easy to forget the time we spent managing physical records stored in seperate locations, trying to fill gaps in patient histories and the risks we took when we were unable to connect the dots. 

A network of connectivity starts somewhere

The more people we can encourage to use the My Health Record system, the more investment the system will receive, which will ultimately result in true connectivity of the Australia’s national health system sooner. 

We’re working closely with Australian Digital Health Agency (who engage a range of digital stakeholders) on a range of projects and programs to support changes to the healthcare system and measure expected benefits associated with My Health Record and other government initiatives.

As you know, the identified benefits MHR can provide benefits to Australia’s healthcare system are through:

A view to improved health outcomes

My Health Record is one piece of the puzzle that will ultimately see health system efficiencies and greater effectiveness in healthcare management realised.

These include:

  • Healthcare providers being connected to My Health Record to allow viewing and use of the information in the system, which can lead to improved care pathways and outcomes.
  • Uploading of information to My Health Record from clinical information systems for a larger proportion of Australians with a My Health Record, which can lead to greater adoption and use.
  • Helping healthcare providers (and patients) understand how to view information in My Health Record, which could lead to greater patient engagement in care.

While imperfect, MHR is a step in the right direction for the Australian healthcare system, and one that gives us hope for a future of empowered patient experiences, connected systems of care for specialists and ultimately, better health outcomes for all Australians.


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