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Not only did he help develop a ground-breaking solution improving the safety of patients with epilepsy, but he was named ‘Supreme Coder’ in the process. Meet Daniel Pedroso, one of our cloud development leads who recently made us proud at the HealthHack event held at ThoughtWorks in Brisbane.

Daniel and his team developed both hardware and software designed to track epilepsy patients’ vital signs in real time. The creation will learn to identify triggers and patterns in patients’ vital signs, and with enough data, will predict epileptic episodes before they happen.

For epilepsy patients, everyday activities can become life-threatening situations if an episode occurs. The team quickly realised that this technology could mean the difference between life and death for all epilepsy patients, but especially for children suffering from the condition. Daniel explains:

“We thought a lot about how the tech would be crucial for parents with epileptic children – parents can see an episode predicted and ask their kids to wait a little while before jumping in the pool”.

Although particularly useful in swimming pools, the technology will allow patients or their carers to pre-empt an epileptic episode and avoid other potentially dangerous places such as beaches, vehicles or amusement rides; where help may not be immediately available in an emergency.

Behind a development this innovative, you’d expect a large team of developers, researchers and managers. Daniel’s team was so small that he dedicated himself to assembling both the hardware and the API necessary to produce such ground-breaking technology, earning him the HealthHack 2018 Supreme Coder Award. As a team, Genie Solutions always tries to keep an eye out for new ways to contribute to the health community, and we’re incredibly proud of Daniel’s unwavering dedication to get out there and live our values.


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