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There’s so much information about True Cloud, cloud-based, desktop and hosted practice management software out in the world,  you’ve no doubt already experienced practice-management-software-decision-fatigue. 

Our most recent customer research project tells us that the demand for cloud technologies is steadily increasing, and the flexibility to access your practice anytime and anywhere remains a top priority. 

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Almost half (46%) want to move to the cloud within the next two years, with 25% wanting to move in the next year. 

If you’re just getting started, forging your own path – a cloud product like Gentu is probably the right fit, but here’s a quick rundown of your options anyway. 

What are your Practice Management Software options?

True Cloud Software - Get your head in the cloud(s)

A True Cloud (more on True Cloud here) software solution like Gentu means you can access your work anywhere, anytime, on any device with a secure internet connection. 
This means there’s no need for a third-party software provider to host your data on a local network, no need for an expensive server setup and no need to interrupt your business to update your software on a regular basis. 
With True Cloud, you sit on the frontline of innovative technologies, features, and functionalities, and they’ll automatically appear in your software as and when they’re released. 

Cloud-based Software - Not quite True Cloud

Some “cloud-based” providers aren’t quite “True Cloud”, as they require you to install and update applications called middleware. 
Middleware applications are a bit like software glue – they bind an array of software systems like components, application support and secure messaging together in one place. 
In our experience, middleware is not only annoying to install and update regularly on every computer in your practice; it’s also susceptible to the same performance and compatibility issues of the desktop software specialists practitioners have been using for 20 years or more. 
The middleware experience is “cloud-ish”, but ultimately you’re still tied to the desktop devices you’ve worked so hard to escape. 

Desktop Software

Desktop software runs without an internet connection on stand-alone Windows or Mac desktop computers or laptops. 
You’ll need to employ a third-party IT provider to set up your hardware and help you manage your data. 

Some of the benefits of desktop practice management software are: 

  • A longer list of features and functionality 
  • Your data stays in your network, on your premises 
  • No need to rely on an internet connection 
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On Your Desk(top) - But hosted elsewhere 

You can also go with a hosted desktop solution, where your software is installed on third party computing infrastructure in their data centre. Some of the benefits of third-party hosting are: 

  • Save time by outsourcing your ongoing IT support 
  • Peace of mind with reliable hardware and secure data storage 
  • Save money on server hardware 
  • Save space with no need for a server room 
Genie Solutions practice management software options table

We hope you now understand a little more about your practice management software options and how important choosing the right software is for the day-to-day running of your practice.  

In summary, A True Cloud practice management software solution like Gentu means you can access your work anywhere, anytime, on any device with a secure internet connection, while desktop practice management software like Genie runs without an internet connection on stand-alone Windows or Mac desktop computers or laptops. 

Our experts are here to help if you need some advice on which practice management software would be suitable for you – book a call to discuss your options now. 

Watch how Gentu handles day-to-day administrative and clinical practice management tasks


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