We’re evolving

Genie Solutions is now a Magentus company


Earlier this year we introduced our Voice of the Customer program and showed you the impact it delivers on product development.

Your feedback has always been central to who we are at Genie Solutions, but we recognize that we haven’t always responded to it in a transparent way. That’s why we’ve now adopted a more sophisticated process to gather our customer feedback, ensure it’s incorporated in our product roadmaps and then make those roadmaps accessible to you.

What does this mean?

  • – One consolidated feedback source for both Genie & Gentu so we can observe patterns across both products to assist with forming roadmap       decisions more broadly
  • – Direct customer notification when your feedback has been implemented
  • – Customer facing roadmap to share with you what the team will be working on soon and identify opportunities where you might be able to           contribute

To support this new process, we invite you to put forward any feedback you have which you may have submitted at any stage during your time as a Genie Solutions customer. Please submit your feedback via this form.

Our Product Roadmaps have launched!

As you will see in the diagram below, a lot happens to get each feature out to you. The process of getting your ideas narrowed down into a Product Roadmap in itself has layers of validation and research including customer reach and impact, technical vision of the product, industry compliance initiatives and whether there are other products in the market solving the problem that we could partner with.

Product Roadmap

Credit: Danny Vigil  

Once something hits the product roadmap the fun begins – it’s where we get into the “nitty-gritty” of exactly how we will solve the problem for you.   

In this key discovery phase, we are always looking for customer insights and resource to be able to “sense check” and test our ideas. Sometimes how we were planning to solve a problem or even the problem itself turns out to be no longer correct or relevant, so it is critical we keep checking in with you to validate our assumptions at every step of our product delivery journey. 

If you see something on the roadmap and feel you have feedback to give in that area, please reach out to us! 

*Please note you will need to be signed in to the Knowledgebase to view the roadmap.


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