We’re evolving

Genie Solutions is now a Magentus company


Let’s make sure we’re helping you keep up.

You want your business to continue to grow with minimal fuss and expense. You spent years dedicated to medical training and now require that same focus for building up your practice.

You need to be able to thrive in a fast-paced environment where there are multiple complex health considerations, treatment management plans, and specialists, that all require integration and ongoing attention. This means your practice needs to care for patients as well as work with referrals, Medicare claims and private health fund complexities.

What you don’t need is expense and time having to be spent on computer updates.

Your medical practice in the cloud could look like this:

  • No more backing up
  • Easy data migration and retrieval
  • Access from anywhere and everywhere (mobile devices, laptops, desktops)
  • No more software upgrades and ongoing training for every upgrade
  • No more maintenance agreements
  • No more server issues
  • Access to call-centre support by staff knowledgeable in the complexities of medical practice
  • No lock-in contracts

You know the muscular system, the endocrine system, the vascular system, the skeletal system, the neurons and neurotransmitters – you’re experts in this space. We’ll leave medical diagnoses and treatment plans to you.

We’re experts when it comes to practice management software – with over 25 years’ experience in the industry, let us assist you with your cloud practice management solution.

A cloud-based practice management system can be implemented in your medical practice in a fast and affordable way. After the transition to cloud, your practice will have the ability to scale up without needing to spend hundreds of dollars with IT providers on every upgrade.

The prognosis for cloud – the hours of repetitive administration work will be minimised, giving you and your staff the flexibility to devote more time to building your business, patient care, networking with medical specialists, or ensuring medical staff satisfaction levels are in tip-top condition.

We can offer you a highly intuitive, efficient, secure, and effective way to keep your data safe, organised, integrated, and your administration time to a minimum.

What your colleagues had to say on cloud

Leah Warmeant, a Practice Manager, is reaping the benefits of tapping into the cloud.

“Gentu (Genie’s cloud-based product) has become a great asset to the practice. Working for three separate specialists, two surgeons and a physician. Gentu is simple to use, easily recognisable and I am able customise each doctor’s system to ensure there is no confusion.”

“Gentu has been a Godsend for my multi-centre practice. It is already easy to use and flexible, and is getting better. In collaborating with the Gentu administrators, we are building a major asset, customised for our specialist practice and patients,”said Dr Malcolm D Linsell, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon, BSc MBBS MS FRACS.



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