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Why you should use SMS reminders in your practice

Patient no-shows cause both challenges and lost revenue for medical practices, and most often, it comes down to human forgetfulness or lack of communication. Improving on both your patients’ attendance rates and two-way communication may not be as daunting as it first seems. It may be as easy as sending booking confirmations and appointment reminders via SMS – a proven effective and affordable solution for most medical practices.    

What’s the cost of no-shows to your practice?

Do the math – if you have an average of two no-shows per day and your consult price is $95, the lost revenue could be as much as $950 per week. In a year, that makes over $45,000 – some of which could be alleviated with simple SMS reminders. Find out more about how much you’re losing on no-shows here.  

Automatic SMS reminders in Genie

The SMS module in Genie is feature-rich and allows you to send automatic booking confirmations and appointment reminders to your patients. Then you can move on with your day, knowing you have done your bit to help your patients remember their appointments. The two way SMS function allows patients to reply “y” for yes or “n” for no to confirm an appointment or let you know that they won’t be attending. On our Knowledgebase, you can find out how you can set up custom templates and two way SMS to suit your practice and make it easy for you to communicate with your patients quickly.

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