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Genie Solutions is now a Magentus company


While an obstetrician might need many of the same features as other practitioners day to day, there’s some key tasks specific to their profession that can really make a difference to the successful running of their Practice.

Genie Solutions has made a commitment to create our new cloud software, Gentu, with our customers at the centre of the process using co-design. Co-design is a methodology of research that supports inclusive problem solving and seeks solutions focusing on the achievement of very specific outcomes. For Obstetricians, that was being able to track a patient throughout their pregnancy and across different locations. The module successfully launched in November allows Obstetricians to conveniently access their patient’s obstetrics information, as well as clinical information, anywhere and anytime.

The benefits of cloud for this specialty, whose schedules are busy, complex and subject to unexpected changes, are numerous. The ability to access your practice information from wherever and whenever means faster response times, more efficient workflows for practitioners and better patient outcomes. Through our co-design approach we ensure that the tools our practices use to manage this part of their business and deliver great patient outcomes removes some of the administrative burden while being intelligent, intuitive and enjoyable to use.

Among the benefits the Gentu module will deliver obstetricians are an increased ability to track the various stages of pregnancy across a wide number of patients, which helps manage the capacity of their practices and target ante-natal and post-natal care. Obstetrics patients are typically seeking information, require regular care and monitoring and intense support at time of birth, factors that can challenge the resources of even the best practice and call for good planning.

The new Gentu module will ensure the billing of important fees, such as pregnancy management fees, are carried out efficiently and in later updates the automation of routine pathology tasks. The payment of pregnancy management fees can be crucial for small practices. In one case we know of, an administrative oversight led to the fees not being invoiced, and the practice was forced to take out a bridging loan.

In a fast-paced medical practice there is no room for inefficient workflows. We therefore take a human-centred design approach to creating software, understanding what it is to be a person in this digital workflow and co-designing our software with the practitioners that will use it every day. We recognise that our medical practitioners’ passion lies in joining their patients on their healthcare journey, not managing these journeys in their practice management solution.


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