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If you’re used to using desktop software, it can be easy to underestimate the benefit of moving your practice to the cloud. However, tapping into the efficiency, accessibility and scalability of the cloud could re-imagine the future of your practice. And it’s becoming increasingly commonplace — in fact, a recent report by GlobalData  predicts the global healthcare cloud market will grow by a rate of 21.7% between 2018 and 2022.

How It Works

Put simply, cloud software is the delivery of your practice management services over the internet. You’ll be able to manage everything — from handling appointments, to billing and claiming and more — from anywhere. The cloud provides the digital infrastructure for your practice to scale; managing multiple practitioners, or even multiple practices.

The Benefits of Cloud in Healthcare

There are many benefits to using the cloud in practice management. Some of the advantages include scalability, accessibility of patient information and strong backup and recovery systems in the event of a disaster. The cloud can even help to improve patient outcomes, through improved information sharing and faster communication between healthcare providers. With the cloud, patients and physicians no longer need to rely on physical proximity to receive or share information. Other positives to consider are:

Reducing human error in patient data security: Instead of relying on diligent staff to back up patient data, the cloud ensures both patient privacy and security best practices.

Manage your practice from anywhere: Gone are the days where you’re contained by the walls of your practice. Need to access patient charts from your phone? Or even your schedule from a second practice? Thanks to the internet, the cloud goes wherever you do.

Reducing IT costs: Forget downtime or training for software upgrades. The cloud operates just like automatic updates to your smartphone, meaning you’ll receive all the benefits of improvements to your software with zero effort (or extra fees) on your behalf.

Collaboration: The cloud allows for large volumes of information to be stored and shared easily, which can be helpful in situations where healthcare providers need to share information with each other.   

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The Future of Cloud

Moving to the cloud is a strategic approach to future-proofing your private practice. Just as technology continuously offers medical breakthroughs, the cloud allows practices to keep pace with the ever-changing field. To ensure the success of your practice, we’re committed to developing our products to be at the forefront of innovation. 

Genie Solutions’ cloud based practice management software is Gentu. If you’re interested in seeing if the cloud is right for your practice, please contact us.



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