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For Dr Sofia Velosa, the prospect of starting her own private Endocrinology practice on the Sunshine Coast meant more than just owning a business. As a new parent, the key for her was to find that all important work/life balance. And much like how starting a family can be a challenge, she found that building a private practice was “a much bigger task” than she thought it would be.

As Genie Solutions’ 4,000th practice, we asked Dr Velosa to share her experience of establishing her own private practice, and how choosing the right practice management software has helped her business grow. She details some helpful insights from her experience for those who are thinking of setting up their own private practice.

We caught up with Dr. Velosa to share her experience

Building a private practice

Learning how to get through the administration and paperwork can come with a steep learning curve. In fact, according to our customer data, increasing administrative efficiency is the biggest concern for over 70% of medical professionals in Australia. And as Dr Velosa found, “no one trains you” for the business component of managing your own practice. Factor in managing life outside of your clinic and the needs of your family, and going into private practice may begin to feel nearly impossible. 

However, for Dr Velosa and thousands of her colleagues, having the right practice management software at hand has transformed the administrative grind into a simple, flexible and streamlined component of their work. In Dr Velosa’s case, making Gentu software the choice for her clinic added ease and reliability that she needed. “I wanted to be able to access my patient’s information and my practice from anywhere at any time…It’s worked really well.”

Much like investing in the right staff for your practice, investing in the right software is an integral part of any successful clinic. As Dr Velosa knows, finding software that works in harmony with your business can make all the difference. “It does feel like [the software] is my practice”.

“I wanted to be able to access my patient’s information and my practice from anywhere at any time...It’s worked really well.”

Solutions in the cloud

According to Genie Solutions data, 52% of medical professionals agree that the ability to access patient data away from their desk is a key benefit of using the cloud. Adding to this, more than a third believe another benefit is the ability to operate the software on any platform. 

Dr Velosa finds the freedom of a cloud solution invigorating and loves being able to access appointment details and patient data outside of her clinic. As a parent of a young family, having the flexibility to work from home is invaluable. “I can leave work and get home to be with my family and I can do a little bit of extra work when the kids are asleep.” 

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“I can leave work and get home to be with my family and I can do a little bit of extra work when the kids are asleep.”

A helping hand

One of the best things you can do when starting your own business is to get advice from someone who’s been through it already. Dr Velosa turned to a trusted former colleague who had a practice of their own for help. “She was a great sounding board and gave me a little checklist of things I needed to do.” 

Having a little wisdom on your side can make the transition into the private world a lot smoother, as can having the support of trusted software. Dr Velosa’s advice is to “look at Gentu…it’s very simple to use, it’s intuitive, looks great and it does everything I need it to do…I’d definitely recommend it.”

So, if you’re establishing your own practice like Dr Velosa, now might be the time to think about the right software solution for your business. 


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